Recently, we found cheaters posing as our website, please invest carefully.

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Official statement about an organization fraudulently impersonating our website

release time:2021-09-01 source:iBeLink hits:15040

Dear all ibelink customers:

We recently discovered some scam organizations that registered websites similar to our domain name.


These websites copied some contents of our official website and provide a deceptive email address We strongly condemn this behavior and hope that our customers can indeed protect their economic rights. If you recommend our products to your friends, please notify them in time to prevent fraud. Under any circumstance, our company shall not be liable for any loss caused by the user's false belief in forging the content of the website, if it is not caused by our fault.

Our only official website:

As you can see from the imagehoping that our guests would stand with us, complain about this channel and denounce such behavior. 

The iBeLink team thank you very much for your support.

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