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Fluxmind International Limited welcome you to explore with our experienced R&D team.

We provide huge growth space, competitive salary and welfare, and colorful life for staff members.

Join us, join an excellent team to develop Blockchain innovation!

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Embedded Software Engineer




Job Description:
1. Coding, debugging, optimization, maintenance and research of blockchain software and algorithms under Linux;
2. Participate in the driver development of ARM underlying hardware interface under linux environment;
3. Development of PC tools required for testing and production;  
4. Cooperate with hardware designers to debug, verify and bug repair the whole machine until mass production;
5. Preparation of software related description documents;
6. Other tasks, such as technical support.

Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above in electronics, computer, communication, automation, etc;
2. Proficient in C/C++ programming under ARM based Linux environment;
3. Experienced in the development of drivers of UART, I2C, SPI, PWM and USB under Linux is preferred;
4. Familiar with software development process, version control tools,  good coding style and technical document writing;
5. PC application or firmware development is preferred, and experienced in network programming is preferred;
6. Good English reading ability, CET-4 or above;
7. Team spirit and good communication and coordination skills;
8. Self-motivated, careful, responsible, and can withstand certain work pressure.

Sales Specialist




Job Description:
1. Respond to customer inquiries, complete the sales of the products and achieve the business growth; 
2. Proficient in using the demand and order system, follow up and deal with order issues throughout the sales process; 
3. Maintain the customer relationship, responsible for solving business needs and problems raised by customers;
4. Cooperate with the regional supervisor to execute the market expansion plan in the region; 
5. Participate in events such as summits and exhibitions, expand the customer size through various channels; 
6. Provide feedback from customers and market demand to the company; 
7. Promote our products and establish the reputation of the brand in the industry.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above; 
2. Good communication and problem-solving skills; 
3. Public presentation skills, fluent in Chinese and English;
4. Have some understanding of the blockchain industry, and have a certain understanding of some sectors of the industry;
5. Self-motivated, willing to spend time and energy researching the blockchain industry and new development directions;
6. Flexible mind, domestic and oversea business travel needed.

Field Application Engineer




Job Description:
1. Support customers deploy products;
2. Remote or on site diagnose issues;
3. Collect requirements of customers, expand after sales support network 
4. Arrange and track logistics according to orders;
5. Assist with collegues to optimize proccess of  related service.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above, fluent in Chinese and English as working languages;
2. Responsible, patient, good communication and problem-solving skills;
3. Experienced in technical support; 
4. Experienced in PCB design, embedded software development, or nework management
5. Knowledge of PoW or Blockchain technology
6. Self-motivated, domestic and oversea business travel needed