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product maintenance

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This product is a virtual product, which is only used for the maintenance of over insured machines. Because the maintenance costs of different machines may be different, you need to confirm the specific amount to the after-sales department after placing an order, and upload the photo of transfer information as a proof.  All bank charges occurred are to be borne by the Buyer. The total amount is the NET amount to be received by the Seller. So you should select OUR not SHA or BEN when transfer the money. If the amount we receive is less than the price we give, we will refuse to deliver the goods!

Only support BTC now. Please contact for freight fee.

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Notes for ibelink miner repair

Dear ibelink users:
Thank you for your support to the company. Please cooperate with you to understand the following and improve the following information.
1、 Process flow
1. If the machine is found to be faulty, please contact the after-sales department Contact to confirm whether the machine needs repair. If repair is required, you can send it back the machine to factory.
2. In the repair application, the SN code of the product, detailed fault description and the effective contact information of the customer (address, telephone and email, etc.) shall be filled in accurately.
3. the specific process is as follows:
A. After the after-sales service confirms that it is really necessary to repair the machine, directly mail the whole machine or the power board to the designated address, write down the logistics number, and use it when filling in the maintenance work order

  Order directly from the official website. According to the order number at the time of purchase, please create a repair application directly;
  Customers who do not place orders on the official website need to register users on the website and create repair orders;
The SN code model and other information filled in the maintenance order should be correct (SN code of the machine or the the two-dimensional code of the hashboard can be photographed and uploaded as the certificate), otherwise in case of disputes, we will take the factory feedback as the standard
B. After receiving the "repair work order", the after-sales service will contact you according to the repair progress. For the over insured customers, please place an order for "repair service" according to the actual cost informed by the after-sales service. When submitting the order, the transfer information should be uploaded as the payment proof;

C. overseas customers specially prompt that when the goods are sent out and fill in the product price information, please fill in the following standards (if not, please confirm with after-sales service). If the customs clearance problem is caused by the failure to fill in according to the specified price, our company has the right to reject:
I. Max hashboard: $200 USD(total price)
II. small hashboard: $100 USD(total price)
D. when overseas customers mail the repaired goods, please fill in according to the following commodity names:
I. Circuit Board(For unnecessary trouble, please do not fill in repair and other related words)
2、 Precautions for product repair
1. the products returned to the factory without the confirmation of our company will not be signed by our company, and all relevant losses (including but not limited to freight, customs clearance fees, etc.) shall be borne by the customer;
2. if the product is damaged due to express delivery, please negotiate with express delivery for handling plan;
3. hashboard repair address:
please contact

4. please fill in the repair order carefully according to the requirements below. By default, send it back according to the address provided in 3. Do not mail the power cord, power connection copper plate and communication line when sending back for repairing;
5. please do not choose the freight payment method as "pay in" for product repair, and we do not accept the paid parts;
6. the bank charges incurred by overseas customers when paying maintenance and transportation related expenses shall be borne by the customer. We can perform the follow-up maintenance work only after receiving the relevant expenses in full. In addition, due to the high logistics expenses of overseas customers, when the power supply or fan or control board is damaged, the round-trip logistics expenses may have exceeded the value of the power supply itself. Please directly purchase a new power supply for replacement.

7. The hashboard must be packed well when it is sent for repair, otherwise the board is easy to be compressed and deformed during transportation, which may cause the hashboard unable to be repaired.

8. Due to the price of raw materials and other reasons, the company determines that from December 13, 2021, if the over guaranteed machine needs to replace the chip, in addition to the maintenance fee, the replaced chip needs to be charged separately. The charging standard is as follows
H1/S2: 10 $/a chip, N1 / S1: 13 $/a chip, K1: 24$/a chip

After sales service terms

This after sales service clause ("this clause") is a contract between the customer / you and the owner of this website ( and the related companies of Jiesi International Co., Ltd. (Jiesi international or "we") and related companies when applying for after-sales service after you purchase our products. You confirm that this clause is the basis for dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties and is always valid. If there are other mandatory provisions in the law or otherwise specially agreed by both parties, the provisions or agreements shall be followed.

Please read this clause carefully. The revised terms shall come into force automatically upon announcement. Special tips:

It is suggested that you read carefully and fully understand the contents of the terms, especially those that exempt or restrict liability. If you have any questions about the terms, please consult our website after-sales service.

Article 1 Definition

The following words used in this clause shall have the following meanings unless otherwise defined:

1.1 "customer": refers to the natural person, legal person or other organization registered and purchased products or services on this website for production.

1.2 "products" and "services" refer to all products or services displayed and sold on this website, including but not limited to mining machines, power supply and after-sale maintenance services.

1.3 "bad product", "defective product" and "repair product": refers to the product that fails and cannot operate normally.

1.4 "after sales maintenance service" refers to the inspection, maintenance and other services provided by jest international and related companies for the products purchased by customers, which are divided into maintenance services within the warranty period and maintenance services beyond the warranty period.

Article 2 application for after sales maintenance service

2.1 if the product you purchase fails, if you need to apply for after-sales service, please submit the after-sales application according to the order. If you do not place an order on the official website, please order the virtual product "maintenance service" first, and apply for after-sales by virtue of the order.

2.2 the information provided when creating after-sales work order shall be consistent with the information you send the package, otherwise, we have the right not to repair after receiving the goods. If any loss caused by the error of creating the work order shall be borne by you.

2.3 if the work order information is inconsistent with the package information, you agree to take the work order information as the basis.

Article 3 delivery of repair products

3.1 you shall arrange and pay for your own expenses (including but not limited to freight, customs clearance fees, etc.) to send the products to the maintenance points designated by our company.

3.2 in order to avoid damage caused by the product during transportation, it is suggested that you should take the package which is good for long-distance transportation and repeated loading and unloading of the products when sending out the products. Jest International shall not be liable for any damage, loss and other risks during the repair and transportation.

Article 4 signature of repair products

4.1 in general, the company shall sign for the package normally and organize the unpacking and repair of the package immediately. Unless any of the following occurs:

4.1.1 after verification, you have not created a work order;

4.1.2 after confirmation, you have not paid the logistics expenses;

4.1.3 the product package is seriously damaged;

4.2 in case of any of the above situations, the company shall not be liable for any other circumstances except timely notice or notification of the occurrence of the situation. In order to facilitate your timely repair of the defective products and enjoy our after-sales service, we may choose to sign in your package in accordance with the above 4.1.2 and 4.1.3. However, this will not exempt you from the logistics costs and risks incurred in the logistics process.

Article 5 maintenance

5.1 maintenance during warranty period

If your product fails within the warranty period stipulated by Jester international and related companies, and there is no free maintenance as stipulated in Article 6 of this article, we will provide free maintenance service and you shall bear the return logistics cost.

5.2 maintenance beyond warranty period

5.2.1 if your product fails beyond the warranty period stipulated by Jester international and related companies, we will dismantle and analyze the specific faults after signing in the bad products you sent back. After completing the above steps, we will give a specific maintenance quotation, which shall not exceed but may equal the market price of the complete machine or accessories of the products for repair. Please contact customer service or official account for maintenance quotation. If you create a repair order and send the repair products to us in accordance with this clause, you will be deemed to accept the above service quotation.

5.2.2 you shall pay the maintenance fee in time [within 3 days] after receiving the notice of our service quotation so as to facilitate us to send the repaired products to the address you specify. If you have not paid the maintenance fee within the specified time, we will retain your products according to law. If you do not pay the full maintenance fee within 30 days after we have the product, we have the right to dispose of your product to pay all the open maintenance fees, custody fees and the cost of realizing the lien.

The maintenance cost shall be paid in RMB / USD. After the payment is completed, please send the payment screenshot, the name of the payment owner or the logistics number of the payment bank card holder or the third party payment owner to the after-sales customer service for confirmation as soon as possible. If you do not submit the above information for the confirmation of the after-sales customer service, we have the right not to deliver the goods.

5.2.3 for the defective parts replaced during the maintenance, we will keep the parts that are replaced during the maintenance service.

5.2.4 you agree that we will complete the fault repair at the same time during the process of disassembly and analysis of the fault. You agree to this clause, i.e. you agree with the quotation for maintenance we have given.

Article 6 no maintenance

6.1 non free maintenance

We have the right not to repair for free if:

6.1.1 beyond the warranty period;

6.1.2 the immersion liquid, circuit board and components are damaged by moisture and corrosion;

6.1.3 damage the product intentionally;

6.1.4 tear down or alter the serial number label on the ibelink machine, operation board and other parts of the machine;

6.1.5 damage caused by improper use of end-user due to failure to use, maintain and maintain according to the requirements of the operation manual;

6.1.6 damage to the machine caused by the use of a third party's inferior power supply, burning trace of circuit board or burning of chip;

6.1.7 damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, lightning stroke, etc.);

6.1.8 the machine is damaged due to the manual disassembly or replacement of any third party parts which do not meet our requirements;

6.1.9 damage to the machine due to over frequency;

6.1.10 counterfeit products;

6.1.11 damage to the machine caused by the use of Poe switch;

6.1.12 the miner itself is disassembled (the label of the mine machine is damaged artificially), and the components and components are changed and replaced without permission;

6.1.13 the operation board or chip is crushed, broken or burnt;

6.1.14 product damage caused by high voltage and leakage;

6.1.15 product damage caused by excessive or low ambient temperature;

6.1.16 any situation that causes us to be unable to judge whether the product is in the warranty period.

6.2 non maintenance:

The products have been scrapped, including burning board, product corrosion / oxidation, chip pad pin falling off, PCB fracture, plate hole failure, etc.

Article 7 after sales return

7.1 in order to avoid the loss of mining income caused by the long maintenance time of customers, we will send the pre repaired products to you randomly on the premise of ensuring the same model of products. Due to random delivery, the original product cannot be returned, so the old and new degree of the products you receive may be different, but the efficiency of the products will not be affected.

7.2 we only support the door-to-door logistics business (please consult the carrier company before you mail). According to different situations, we will choose different logistics methods, and we have the right to decide the choice of logistics mode. If you have any questions, please contact customer service for confirmation.

7.3 after sales maintenance product cycle, generally about 7 working days, excluding back and forth logistics time.

7.4 risks of product damage and loss we will transfer the package to the logistics company and transfer it to you. If the product damage or loss occurs in the logistics process, you should resolve such disputes with the logistics company yourself.

Article 8 special terms

8.1 service exclusion:

If your product fails, changes, smears or removes the serial number of parts or non ibelink brand parts during the warranty period of jelts international and related companies, or the product is accidentally, abused, splashed or immersed, negligent, misused (including incorrect installation by any person other than us or any person other than our authorized service provider Repair or maintenance), unauthorized modification, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, voltage fluctuation or surge, lightning, static electricity, fire, natural disaster or other external reasons. We will directly treat the returned products as per the warranty and charge you a fee.

8.2 export restrictions

You must comply with all applicable export laws and regulations. You may not export or re export the products for which the services are provided unless authorized by the laws of the people's Republic of China.

Article 9 exemption

9.1 we do not guarantee that you store customer data in the product or other forms related to the product. The customer shall be responsible for backup of relevant data to prevent loss.

9.2 we do not make any form of guarantee that the success of maintenance of the product depends on the damage degree of the product.

9.3 we do not guarantee any form of loss of income caused by the product during the maintenance period.

9.4 in no case shall we and any affiliated company be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by the maintenance services. In any case, our liability will not exceed the maintenance cost you pay us.

Article 10 others

10.1 this clause is an integral part of user agreement and after-sales maintenance guide of Jiesi international and related companies, and has the same legal effect.

10.2 if there is any conflict between the contents of this clause and the contents of after-sales maintenance guide, the content of after-sales maintenance guide shall prevail.

10.3 if not specified in this clause, the user agreement and after-sales maintenance guide of Jester international and related companies shall prevail.

10.4 the right to interpret this clause shall be owned by Jester international and its affiliates.